About Margot May

margot engraving 271x300 About

Classically and formally trained by Australia’s best in the field of fine arts, Margot Jacobs Thigpen has taken these skills and developed them into diverse areas.

Breaking rules in art must first come with the sound knowledge of the rules. Margot’s learning and understandings came from Deakin University art major in 1976, followed by more conceptual training at post graduate level at Sydney College of the Arts in 1991. It was following these two degrees that Margot reacted against what she considers the self indulgence of conceptual artists.

She then spent many years in formal and classical training at The Julian Ashton School of Art to develop a high level of drawing skills. During this time, Margot also held a glass engraving apprenticeship with the Master Engraver, Anne Dybka … Learning the techniques to lay the foundations to be both purposeful and masterful. Those days, Margot continues to increase her skills with botanical and scientific illustration and portraiture.

It is now, after many years, that Margot has the freedom to understand and effectively use her artistic facets without feeling limited. She has exhibited throughout the east coast of USA and NSW, Australia in drawing, and glass engraving. In 2015, she won the Cold Glass section at RAS, Sydney and came second in 2014.